Swimming areas

During the summer months, guests can take a dip in our small removable pool, or cool off with our outdoor hoses.

Furthermore, El Serradell is very close to the natural pools of Sant Aniol d’Aguja, one of the best-known natural swimming areas in Garrotxa. You can get there by car (30 minutes) or on foot (a 90 minute trek down and another 120 minutes back, only recommended for people with mountain hikingexperience).

Between Montagut and Sadernes, the pools located under the impressive Sadernes bridge or Llierca bridge are readily accessible for families: just park in the signposted parking areas and walk for five minutes to the bridge and the pools.

Guests can also bathe in the Borró natural pools in Sales de Llierca. They are less crowded and located just before the start of the dirt road that leads to El Serradell.

Finally, the public swimming pools of Tortellá and Montagut are open to everyone for a small entrance fee and offer all their services to guests.


We have portable barbecues available for guests, but they can only be used from October 15 to March 15. During the rest of the year, as a forest fire prevention measure, it is forbidden to light any type of fire in forest areas and in the strips 500 meters around them (in Serradell the forest is a stone’s throw away).

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Unfortunately, El Serradell’s architectural characteristics (staircases) make it difficult for people with disabilities to move inside the house. In addition, to get to El Serradell East and El Serradell West guests have to overcome several physical obstacles which can hinder or even prevent their access.

Grocery shopping

In the small town of Tortellà you will find small local supermarkets where you can buy all the shopping you need to spend a few days. Tortellà also has an excellent bakery and butcher’s shop, and a small flea market every Sunday morning.

For more substantial purchases, in Banyoles and Olot you will find the main big foodstores (Carrefour, Esclat, Mercadona, Consum, etc.).


Pets are allowed in El Serradell, on the condition that they are well educated and that they do not climb on furniture, especially on beds and sofas. Guests should also collect excrement from the outdoor grounds closest to the house. In any case, we have established a rate of 30 euros per animal and stay, which covers the additional cleaning and hygiene expenses due to allergies.


The wild animals that guests of El Serradell may hear or see most frequently are wild boars, hares, goats and ibex,deer, foxes, squirrels, toads, snakes…

At sunset or at night the chances that you will come across any of these animals increase.

During the day and in the sky, you can spot vultures, hawks, crows, the occasional eagle, the woodcock …