Location and arrivals

Location and access

El Serradell is situated in the eastern section of Alta Garrotxa natural park, in the foot hills separating Sadernes (la Garrotxa) from Bassegoda (Alt Empordà). The nearest city is Olot. Find us on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/L2XbnVj4zm7EQJcB9

Or you can get a bird’s eye view of El Serradell on Google Earth. Just enter and search “El Serradell, Sales de Llierca” in Google Earth, or click here.

How to get here

You can get to El Serradell via Tortellà / Sales de Llierca (12 km dirt road), and via Sadernes (8 km dirt road).

Both roads are in good condition and are suitable for all cars driving carefully, sections of both roads are paved with asphalt or cement.

The road from Sadernes is shorter, but is also narrower and steeper. From Sadernes to El Serradell it takes 30 minutes to drive the 8 km in a normal car.

We recommend the road from Tortellà/ Sales de Llierca for normal cars: it is longer, but the views are impressing and it is very wide and in very good condition. From the beginning of the dirt road it takes a normal car 40 minutes to drive the 12 kilometers to El Serradell.


1. Leave the A-26 highway at the “Argelaguer/ Tortellà” exit. Enter Argelaguer and turn right at the signpost indicating Tortellá. After about 1km, you will see Tortellà on your left: after the traffic lights, you will come to a signpost on your right marked Sales de Llierca. Turn right towards Sales de Llierca.

2. Further on, the road curves to the left, where you will see the mailboxes of Sales de Llierca. Keep driving on the same road past the curve and the mailboxes, and always follow the signs to El Serradell or L’Orri/ Polí.

3. Two kilometers after the mailboxes, the road is no longer paved, and it splits into two unpaved roads. Take the road to the left, which goes up. You will know you are on the right road when you see the 20 km speed limit sign, and a signpost indicating L’Orri.

4. The road gradually goes up, it is in excellent condition, and there are some paved sections. You will pass a country farmhouse (called “Monteia”, currently being reconstructed) on your right. Just follow the road.

5. Two kilometres further on, take the road as it turns upwards to the left, going up a cemented section following the signpost for Sadernes-Bassegoda.Drive on for about two more kilometers.

6. At the next crossroads, you will see a red water pump for firemen. Make a U-turn and take the road that goes up towards El Serradell/ Sadernes.

7. Once you reach the top there is another crossroads. Just continue straight down on the road you are on. 400m further down you will see the church “Sant Andreu de Gitarriu”, and 100m further on, you will come to El Serradell. When you see the house, take the turning on the left down to the house. You have arrived!

It is much easier than it seems, but we have given you very detailed directions just to make sure you don’t get lost!


1. Leave the A-26 highway at the exit to “Montagut/ Oix”.

2. Cross the little village of Montagut and immediately turn left towards Sadernes.

3. Shortly before reaching Sadernes, you will notice two very sharp bends going up. Inmmediatley after these bends, take the road to your right (marked with a green sign “El Serradell, 8 km”).

4. This road becomes a forest road which goes up all the time. Drive on carefully (30 min) and you will see El Serradell to your right. You have arrived!